Guess What Baby?

To my Little Sweet Pea,
It will be just a few more months until we meet. It still doesn’t seem quite real at times, and then you kick me or have hiccups which brings me right back to reality.
I am still nervous but trying to get ready for your arrival. I have been busy shopping for you, and your daddy is starting to get things ready for your new room. Trust me, it’s a lot bigger than your current room in my womb which I am suspecting is getting a little cramped at this point.
I think your brother has finally accepted that you are a girl. He wasn’t too happy about it, but I am sure you will be able to wrap him around your finger. Your sister should be able to give you lessons in that.
It’s starting to get warmer, and it sure would be nice if you liked ice cream…or sherbet…or most smoothies. Until then, I will make do with whatever doesn’t make us sick. On the upside, you and I are going to be super healthy. On the downside, I am not sure I am ever going to want to be a meat eater after this.
There are a lot of things left to do to prepare for your arrival. I am sure they won’t all get done. Until then, keep growing and keep kicking me to let me know you are there. Just don’t kick me in the back anymore. That kinda hurts!
I can’t wait to take little pictures like this after you are born.

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