How My Gaming Friends Have Helped Me

I don’t play many online games, but somehow I developed an addiction to Kingdoms of Camelot a little over four years ago. I started playing through Facebook because I thought it was something my husband and I could do when he is away, since he travels frequently. However, I got more involved than he ever did, and through that, I have forged many great friendships.
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The camaraderies I have with my fellow alliance members have gotten me through tough times because my husband travels so much. The friends I have made through the game are some of the people whom I get great parenting advice from. Some of them are also the ones who carried me through a dark time last year when I had two miscarriages.
The social aspect of gaming is wonderful for moms, especially those of us who may not get to go for coffee with our friends or socialize in real life as much as we would like. The friendships created through playing online games and having guild or alliance mates are just as valuable as the best friends we have nearby. My gaming friends kept checking up on me and helped me get my mind off the turmoil in my life by providing me with laughter and stories to keep me distracted. While my nearby friends were helpful as well, my gaming friends were the ones who helped when I didn’t want to face the real world or leave the house. The combination of my IRL friends and gaming friends helped me move forward. My gaming friends have been cheering me on through my pregnancy, and I am so thankful for them.
Friendships don’t always mean the people you see every day. Great friendships can be found anywhere and are important for all of us to have.


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