Remember…I am cute!

Today was one of those trying days. You know the kind...the kind where you wish you had a reset button, but there is none to be found...the kind where you wish you were a million miles away from the mess in front of you. Today was definitely that day. Miss Crankles is on a sleep… Continue reading Remember…I am cute!

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What I want my kids and everyone else to know about bullies

Today I held my son while he cried so hard that he shook. My son has always been the type that while he may not have a lot of friends, he is very loyal to the ones he does have. Unfortunately, some of the children he thought were his friends are horrible bullies and don't… Continue reading What I want my kids and everyone else to know about bullies

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The Uninvited Party Guest

(I can't get this problem out of my head, so I thought it would be a good topic for discussion) Today was my children's birthday party. It went pretty well, I think, especially considering that I lost my son's homeopathic remedy before the party. Therefore, he wasn't quite himself for much of the party, but… Continue reading The Uninvited Party Guest