Larry Gets Lost In Philadelphia Review

larry gets lost in philly cover  Recently, Sissy and I got the opportunity to review Larry Gets Lost in Philadelphia by John Skewes and Michael Mullin. Larry Gets Lost in Philadelphia is one of many illustrated children’s books where children get to go on an adventure with Larry the pup and learn about fun, family friendly landmarks and cultural places from famous cities and states.
In this adventure, Larry goes on vacation with his owner Pete and Pete’s family. While they are touring the town, Larry’s stomach gets the best of him, and he gets separated from his family. While Larry and Pete look for each other, they discover the landmarks of Philadelphia and its rich history. The colorful illustrations show great pictures of the many historical and cultural places of the great city Philadelphia.
The book says it is recommended for children ages 3-6. However, Sissy and I agree that it could be for children of all ages and is a great companion for first time little visitors to Philadelphia. The book includes facts about the old town, the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, LOVE Park, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, the stadium, and many more.

One of the illustrations with information about the Betsy Ross House
One of the illustrations with information about the Betsy Ross House

So if you are going to be taking your child to Philadelphia for the first time or would just like to teach your child a little more about the area, be sure to check out Larry Gets Lost in Philadelphia and also check your local book seller for more Larry Gets Lost books for fun facts about other major cities and states!


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