Simple TARDIS Cosplay

My kids are obsessed with Doctor Who, and when my daughter decided she wanted to be the TARDIS for a costume tea party, I got a little nervous when I began to look to Pinterest for inspiration. However, I came up with a great plan to make her into a cute, couture TARDIS without breaking the bank. Here is what you need:

  • Tulle
  • White Felt
  • White Iron-on Letters
  • TARDIS Blue T-Shirt

Using the white felt, I cut shapes to make it look like the doors on the TARDIS. Then I sewed them to the shirt. I am not the greatest at sewing, so basically I just secured the corners like this:


Next I added the letters. It was a bit tricky to get them even. I made sure I had the letters the way I wanted them before I used the iron on them. They weren’t hard to use as you can see.

tardis shirt1

Finally, I added a tutu made from tulle. I used TARDIS blue and black as my colors. You can probably find tutus on Etsy or you can make one yourself with a tutorial I found here. My daughter loved the end result, as you can see below, and the whole thing cost me under $20.

tardisshirt3We would love to add a flashing light for a hat, but for that day, her fancy tea hat was just fine for her. She loves wearing her outfit around town and while we are out and about shopping. I am just beginning to do cosplay with my kids, so I love when I can find ideas that are budget friendly. If you are looking for a budget-friendly cosplay project, I hope this helps.

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