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My kids are obsessed with Doctor Who, and when my daughter decided she wanted to be the TARDIS for a costume tea party, I got a little nervous when I began to look to Pinterest for inspiration for a TARDIS Cosplay for kids. However, I came up with a great plan to make her into a cute, couture TARDIS without breaking the bank.

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TARDIS Cosplay for kids (or adults)

Here is what you need:

  • Tulle
  • White Felt
  • White Iron-on Letters
  • TARDIS Blue T-Shirt

Using the white felt, I cut shapes to make it look like the doors on the TARDIS. Then I sewed them to the shirt. I am not the greatest at sewing, so basically I just secured the corners.

Next I added the letters. It was a bit tricky to get them even. I made sure I had the letters the way I wanted them before I used the iron on them. They weren’t hard to use as you can see.

Finally, I added a tutu made from tulle. I used TARDIS blue and black as my colors. You can probably find tutus on Etsy or you can make one yourself. My daughter loved the end result, as you can see below, and the whole thing cost me under $20.
tardis cosplay
We would love to add a flashing light for a hat, but for that day, her fancy tea hat was just fine for her. We called her the couture TARDIS, and she was happy with that. Plus cosplay is what you want it to be!

She loves wearing her outfit around town and while we are out and about shopping. I am just beginning to do cosplay with my kids, so I love when I can find ideas that are budget friendly. If you are looking for a budget-friendly cosplay project, I hope this helps.

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