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When it all needs to change…

For those of you following my blog and social media, you may have noticed that I have been very absent from everything. If you have been following for a while, you know that I have had a rough few years, and over the last year and a half, it included having a baby, getting diagnosed with postpartum depression, ending up in the hospital twice, being life-flighted one of those times, moving to a new state, and having my husband get laid off and start a new career. I really tried to hang on there for a while, and I do feel I have a story to tell. I had brands that I had products to review as well. I didn’t want to let people down. However, I think I finally realized late last fall that I was doing no one any good the way I was, myself included and took a break.
I had intentions to start the blog back up again much sooner than now. However, I realized that my blog as it was no longer fit as I am going forward. I am no longer Bear Haven Mama. I no longer have a children’s shop or party planning business. I had wanted to start my business back up after moving, but I have made the decision to just be done with it for now. My heart is not in it. I do not have the energy for it. It is not who I am anymore.
So, now what? Well, I didn’t want to lose my domain, so I decided to change the name of the blog to something that would fit me, the contributors I am adding to the blog, and the feel of the direction I would like this blog to go.
Therefore, I proudly welcome you to Misfit Mama Bear Haven! It’s a place where we tell stories…about us, our kids, and our spouses too! It is where you can read about people who are just trying to go through life making it however they can. It is a place where being a misfit is okay and even celebrated.
So if you have decided to stick around to read this far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and invite you to continue the journey onto the next chapter of my family’s tale, as well as some new tales from some new friends too!
Welcome to the Misfit Mama Bear Haven!

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