That's it! I have gotta let it out!

Ok, I think I have finally hit my breaking point with a problem that I know is not just limited to where I live, but I am just speaking from where I live. What has happened to common courtesy? And what the heck is up with all this road rage? I know we are all guilty of getting upset with slow traffic, construction, rude people, etc… but I would never retaliate by doing something that not only would put my life in danger, but the lives of other people!
I have had a lot of issues with this, the biggest one being how people drive in the town in which I live. There are not a lot of traffic lights here, but there are stop signs and cross walks with yield signs at them. I have seen people run the stop signs because they see someone wants to cross the street. I had an instance a few weeks ago with my children where we started across the street, and a woman saw us, gunned her car, and ran the stop sign and gave me an obscene gesture. As a mother, this is intolerable! As a business owner, it scares me because I see people trying to cross the street at the cross walk every day, and there is always that one stupid person in a vehicle who thinks it is funny to step on the gas instead of slowing down at the cross walk. It is also personal to me as I was a pedestrian who was hit by a car some years back, and it was all because the driver made an illegal turn and was not paying attention. I don’t want to see this happen here. It is bad enough that my elderly neighbor was hit the other week while in his Jazzy and all because someone pulled out when everyone else yielded for him. Luckily, he was not too terribly hurt. However, I am afraid that sometime very soon, someone is not going to be that fortunate.
And now, for the incident that has me still shaking and set me off for writing this in the first place. I had the unfortunate experience of being in front of a semi-truck on the way home today that thought it would be cure to terrorize me and my children on the way home today from running errands. It is not acceptable for someone to ride less than a foot away from your vehicle for kicks. My kids were almost in tears, and while at a stop, I admit that I lost my temper and yelled out at the rude driver. Just because someone is in a hurry does not ever give them a right to do something that puts the lives of others in danger. It is plain stupid!
So yeah, I know this is not really a typical post from me and does not have anything to do with my regular topics, but I just want to say to all my readers especially now that many will be traveling a lot this summer, please be careful when you are driving because not everyone else has the care for their lives that you have for yours and your loved ones. Also, if you are walking, be careful because not everyone obeys traffic laws. I really hope that things change here where I live before someone gets hurt and that people are more courteous in the future.


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