Using Minecraft as a Teaching Tool


As a homeschooling mom, I am always trying to find new ways to make learning fun.  My kids, like most kids their age, are obsessed with Minecraft. Recently, my daughter and I did a unit on communities, and I decided to incorporate her obsession into our curriculum.

photo by dankeck

We began by discussing what types of communities there are: towns, cities, suburbs, farms, and such. Then I asked her to think about what each of these communities had and what kind of community would she like to create. Keeping in mind what key elements the community contained, I asked her to write them down and make sure she incorporated them into her community. She went into Minecraft in build mode and began creating her town.
Using the elements from brainstorming, she began to flesh out her town. She gave it a name. She built a town hall, a school, playgrounds, houses, and other features that made up her town. As she got more creative, she began to make up stories about the people that lived in her town and what their lives were like.
It was a great experiment because she actually learned about communities and had fun while doing it. With the success of this lesson, I have been thinking of adding some Minecraft themed activities into our school work. We have done Minecraft themed creative writing assignments in the past, and that has also gone over pretty well!
How do you get your kids to learn and be creative too? Have you tried using games like Minecraft as teaching tools? I would love to hear what kinds of outside the box learning activities you have tried, so feel free to share in the comments below!


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