26 Days of Thanksgiving: Letter A

I will admit that the past few months have been stressful. While some of it has been good, I am still trying to adjust to changes in the home and life in general. So I decided that I needed to do something to remind myself of everything that I am thankful for. I am challenging my readers to do the same. I know that not all of us are going through the greatest of times. For me, this is to remind me of all the wonderful things and people in my life. I decided to do this by letter, hence 26 days. Here we go!

Today I am thankful for Ann Hilty who was an amazing woman and a dear friend I miss. I am thankful for Almir who has been one of my closest friends for many years. I am also thankful for my stepbrother Adam (even though he has sometimes driven me bonkers),  my niece Aimee who is a sweetheart, and for Amy Gopp who probably has no idea that she is one of my biggest heroes in the world.


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