To Be Normal

If you follow me on Facebook, you would know that I have been attempting to keep up on Social Media the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I haven’t been very successful. To have a business on top of blogging, I really should be keeping up on things. However, the past few weeks have not been that great, and while my intentions have been good, I just haven’t been able to keep up with everything.
I am going to try my best this week to start the new schedule of memes that I have been meaning to do. I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has stuck with me on my blog, on my social media pages, and as my customers. You all are wonderful.
Physically, I am doing much better. I am not sore anymore, and I am working on getting back to my regular workouts. Mentally, I am still a bit of a mess. My kids have been amazing though. They push me to get out of the house when I would like nothing more to do than hide on the comfy couch. I know it can’t be easy on them, especially with my husband being gone for work. However, last night I told them that I am sorry I am not a lot of fun lately, and that I am going to work on it. I mean it. I need to have some sort of focus right now.
I have a feeling I will be writing more about miscarriage and the aftermath. I am finding that it is sort of a taboo topic. I don’t think it should be. Those of you who have experienced it know it is a loss. Those who haven’t may be at a loss as to what to say. Also, writing my feelings is therapeutic.
Thank you all for kind thoughts and words. It means a lot! I appreciate all of you!


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